We created very easy understandable handbooks for all the single steps, necessary for the handling of the METATRON-Systems. Each step is explained with pictures. So it´s possible for you to handle the System easily after the teaching, even if you have not very much knowledge in computers.

The focus of training is on promoting the linkages between traditional medicine and the new, quantum physics based medical point of view.

Here we will give you insights about what your METATRON system shows you, how to deal with the findings, and how the results can be explained to your patients.

This is the way your work with the METATRON systems will be a success for you and your patients.

Due to our long experience, we know that this new medical approach initially leads to incorrect conclusions; we have also recognized that the inner relaxed attitude of the doctor / therapist on the basis of the quantum physics plays a much larger role than recognized until now.

Therefore, we offer as a part of the training to each doctor / therapist to approach to the knowledge of the PresenceMedicine, this sometimes opens up the angel of view according to the personal and professional positioning.

PresenceMedicin needs the openness from the patients to new information.

According to the law of resonance doctors and therapists always attract the patients with a similar degree of openness as they have themselves. The more openness – the more success.

If you have any questions in the period after the training related to the system, or even specific patient-cases, you can contact by phone or mail the medical director Volker Mann personally.

In addition, we offer ongoing specialist trainings, which dates can be accessed from our website To get an impression what kind of further coaching and seminars we offer, please have a look on our website